Direct Dyes Direct, Solophenyl Sirius If (Cotton), hemp , ramie, rayon , rayon jeans (Raylon), hemp, leather , leather, furniture (wood )
Reactive Dyes Rifacion, Rifafix, Rifazol Levafix, Remazol Cibacron, Novacron Suncion, Sunfix CPB dyeing , rayon, linen , hemp cotton (Cotton) yeonyeom , noodles salt , poly / cotton (T / C), textile printing
Vat dyes Domanthren Indanthren, Mikethren Thren the same dye . CPB dyeing , rayon, linen , hemp cotton (Cotton) yeonyeom , noodles salt , poly / cotton (T / C), textile printing
Acid dyes silk and textile printing Acid, Dorolan, Lanaset Nylosan, Isolan, Telon Nylon (Nylon), wool (Wool), wool , silk screen textile printing (Silk), nylon chips , pitches, flaming silk , leather, stainless
General dyes Lumacel Acetate (Acetate), nylon , acrylic yarn
High pressure dyes Lumacron, Synolon Rifalon, Suncron Polyester (Polyester), acetate (Acetate) industrial resins , yeomsok dyeing , automatic printing, polyester sewing thread , CPB dyeing
Cationic dyes (acrylic, harmony craft ) Cationic Dyestuff Acrylic (Acryl), water-soluble ink , solvent ink , furniture wood art flower ( Harmony , flowers ) , crafts school training , seed , seeds , pesticides, pigments
Plastic dye Cibacet Acrylic plate , resin accessories , buttons , eyeglass lenses
Special high pressure dyes Dorospers, Lumacron Dianix, Terasil Car seat , microfiber, polyester and microfiber polyester (Polyester), goilgwang High washing fastness , special textile printing
White color fluorescent dye fluorescein isothiocyanate Fluorescent Dyestuff White Color, wool , cotton, acrylic, polyester , nylon yarn , such as white , pink, red, green , orange , blue , yellow
Tinting dye Special dyes and other dyes Nylon , polyester , various types of yarn , fiber production
Ink dyes Cationic, Basic Printer , paper , wallpaper , for stationery , paper, whether
Seed dyes Special dyes and other dyes Various seeds, wood , pesticides , insecticides
Various pigments Special dyes and other dyes Industrial dyes, pigments and other
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