DIRECT DYES Cotton, hemp , and cellulose-based fibers such as rayon or wool, water-soluble dyes for dyeing directly without using a mordant to animal fibers such as silk . Only the range of colors tha...
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    ACID DYES Acid Yellow 2G C.I. Acid Yellow 17 Acid Tartrazine C.I. Acid Yellow 23 Acid Metanil Yellow C.I. Acid Yellow 36 Acid Orange 2G C.I. Acid Orange 7 Acid Roccelline NS C.I. Acid Red 88 Acid Blue...
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    DYES FOR INK Pro-Yellow [100% P] Acid Yellow 73 Yellow G-200 [11% L] Acid Yellow 17 Tartrazine [11% L&P] Food Yellow 4(Acid Yellow 23) Yellow 2000 [10% L] Direct Yellow 86 Yellow TIJ [12% L] Unknown Y...
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  • Solopenyl Dye

    Solopenyl Dye Product Name Lightly Concentrated Yellow 5GL Yellow GLE Yellow ARLE 154% Orange TGLL Red 7BE Red 5BE Scarlet BNLE Violet 4BL Brwon GBL Green 4GE Blue 4GL Blue GLL Grey GLE Black FR
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