BS firms selected for blouses and dresses non- textile products , which charges the main raw material for polyester products since its establishment as a major
You lay emphasis on material development using its own production system.

And if you focus on the product development and the realization that you can use copper in the world, based on years of experience , such as rayon
Teaching products and span , and new construction, has developed the items with features such as high shrinkage .

Human and natural substance in the human body with minimal harm to the environment , from product development to the heart of one
Hitting the lead in providing safe and comfortable products.

0 years the amendments fiber production in the womb had been developing a wide range of products around the polyester synthetic fiber sector
Long accumulated manufacturing system equipped with the latest technology in the future constitutes the basis of the stability of the productivity and quality of the product
Welcomes guests with a constant quality.
We do our best as a textile company.

Business _ polyester fabric production and processing export
Major facilities _ Water Jet Loom / to powon twister / Jumbo King Dougie
Items _ fabric and textile production print production process

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